Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Myspace Code Help!!!?

OKay. THis is hard to explain buthere it goes:

Know how you can type your name in letters? Yes.

Know how some people MAKE their name fancy looking? Like with colors, in bubble letters, in grafitti letters? Fancy stuff like that? Well i know how to do that but today i seen someones profile with their 'Name' in bubble letters and it look HOT!

Im talking about the 'name' in your edit profile section, not someones name in general. It was above their default pictue.

Anyone know how i can do that? Help is really apreciated. I choose best answer =)

Myspace Code Help!!!?

Some people make a sign, or get someone to make a good sign with their screen name on it. Good place to make a sign is

Then, you'll have to upload the sign to a website like photobucket.

From there, you would look up the code to put it above your default picture. You can use a seach engine like yahoo, or google, of course for that.

That's all the help I can give ya, but the way the ppl do it is not just by using the profile editor.

...and yeah, it seems like a lot of trouble just for a cool sign above your name, but it's still cool! lol. :)

Myspace Code Help!!!?

use the myspace profile editor, you should be able to do it there.

Myspace Code Help!!!?

myspace profile editor

Myspace Code Help!!!?

Try out Yuniti's banner generator:

You have to create an account to use it, but you can make some pretty sweet looking names. Some samples: (%26lt;-- this one is really cool)

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