Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Myspace Code Search Help?

Ok i want to know where i can make links to my friends profiles. in stead of displaying them. like i dunno put their friend id in there and it links you to their page.

and i want the exact link right to where i make it.

Myspace Code Search Help?

Do you mean Creating a text link. Wow thats easy. I remember that code from the top of my head. But you may be confused if I tell you so I'll just give you the site to help.

First go on

Then click MySpace Codes which should be on the left.

Then scroll down a little in Blue text Find "Creating Text Links"

Then it will tell you how. It's Easy-Peasy

I hope that helps to be best answers. If you need more help Just ask me on MySpace:

Make sure you tell me your from YA! first :D

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