Friday, November 20, 2009

Can i put my own music on myspace page?

i know they have a list of songs but if i want to put a song that i have on my hard drive is there a way to do it ?

Can i put my own music on myspace page?

I used, - it allows you to create a playlist of any song that you can find online. What I particularly like best about this feature is that you can add as many songs as you would like, pick the color, place it anywhere in your profile and update it easily. ( - you can check mine out as an example, and just hit the "create playlist" tab at the bottom)

If you cannot find the song or clip you want to add to your page, you can upload one from your computer. According to the site, Project Playlist does not host any music but you can use one of the following free web hosting sites to get the URL for the song or clip you wish to add.

Once you have uploaded the song, you have to find the music track in the search engine and link your uploaded file to it. Then just add it to your playlist!

Good Luck

Can i put my own music on myspace page?

go to thats what I use.

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